Rohini Ghadiok Foundation

The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation was established in late 2011 as a tribute to Rohini, her work, her relentless passion and her determined beliefs. Her memory propels us, a wide and varied circle of family and friends, to carry forward that passion. Guided by the ideology that drove Rohini and her belief that education was a basic right, the Foundation’s work begins in this area. Educate a child, says the Rohini Ghadiok Foundation, and you have the power to influence the very fabric of society. The change begins here.


The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation aims to contribute towards the making of a just and egalitarian society; to inspire hope, lend a hand and directly engage people, by promoting the ideals, values and principles espoused by Rohini Ghadiok.


The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation is committed to supporting institutions that aid students through educational, technical and vocational training programs; to expand opportunities for all those who believe they can make a difference.


Kamla Bhasin

Development activist working on issues related to gender, identity, politics, women’s empowerment, human rights and democracy in South Asia.

Suman Kumar

Principal, Bluebells School International, Delhi; interested in pedagogic research, child psychology and the use of technology in learning.

Abhijeet Ray

Rohini's best friend and partner, Abhijeet is a creative writer, doodler and film-maker.

Rajen Ghadiok

A committed healthcare professional and Rohini's father, Rajen's focus has always been to reach out and care for people – a true inspiration.

Gayatri Ghadiok

An award-winning doctor, and Rohini's mother, Gayatri's practice of Buddhism empowers her to share Rohini with this world and beyond.