Bridging the Gap +

Rohini Ghadiok Foundation (RGF) initiated the program Bridging the Gap +. The program aims to create an environment that encourages and motivates these students to learn and stay in school and teach them IT skills that will help them get jobs and advance themselves in life. Learning Computers, English, Mathematics and Science are today’s skills and even jobs such as cashiers, receptionists and technicians all require these skills.

Students from the economically weaker sections (EWS) admitted to schools under Right to Education (RTE) Act, have an inherent disadvantage as they, most of them from urban slums are thrust into an environment totally alien to their background and social status. The education environment that used to be about books, chalk and the blackboard was the same for both the privileged and under-privileged but now the education environment for the privileged includes computers, which has given them an edge. In this area, under-privileged children are increasingly getting left behind resulting in an ever-widening gap. Also, given the fact that these students can neither be detained nor expelled from school as per the RTE Act, there is a strong likelihood of them leaving school at age 14 years with little or no skillsets.

In September 2016, RGF partnered with RAYSE ACADEMY, a USA based charitable, non-profit organization that’s engaged in providing for and enhancing the education of children worldwide and in illuminating the lives of children via education. The partnership has resulted in Bridging the Gap +. A program to impart IT based learning in Mathematics, Science and English to underprivileged students from the economically weaker sections admitted to school under the RTE Act.

The first program was initiated at the Blue Bells School International, New Delhi in late 2016. Each student is given a laptop for the duration of the class and under the guidance of a coach, is taught keyboarding, computer-basics, internet word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations. Mathematics & Science is taught using online software from Khan Academy, the leading provider of online education in the world. The syllabus is in line with CBSE. Students are taught Computer Programming - supported by MIT & Stanford and conversational English using


Bridging the Gap + program is conducted in the school premises after regular school hours. Classes are held twice a week for a period of 90 minutes each. Every student is provided a chromebook laptop for the duration of the class. The medium of instruction is strictly English. A high-protein vegetarian lunch is served before start of classes.

Student Selection

Students selected are those admitted under the RTE Act studying in classes 6, 7, 8; in the age group 11-13 years identified by the school - those performing poorly academically