Rohini Ghadiok

Rohini Ghadiok (1980-2011), human rights activist, scholar, feminist, and most of all was a dearly beloved friend, born to doctor parents, Rohini had an ordinary middle-class upbringing. A shy child, she abhorred the idea of drawing attention to herself. Even as she was growing up, Rohini was developing the ability to hear the other person and nurture their strengths. Perhaps that is what lay at the root of her persona and made her so different, so special. She approached every aspect of life with an unbridled passion, whether in the professional domain where she worked tirelessly to redress the imbalances in the lives of people less privileged, or in her personal sphere where she always challenged her friends and family to rise above self-imposed limitations. In her short but meaningful life, she touched the hearts and lives of so many people.

Rohini Ghadiok Foundation

The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation (RGF) was established in late 2011 as a tribute to Rohini, her work, her relentless passion and her determined beliefs. Guided by the ideology that drove Rohini and her belief that education was a basic right, the foundation’s work begins in this area. Educate a child, says the RGF, and you have the power to influence the very fabric of society. The change begins here. RGF is committed to reaching out to all those sections of our society who may seem less than equal, but in whose social, political and economic empowerment the world can become a more just and egalitarian place. We dedicate ourselves to the support, education and vocational training of children and young people so that they are able to develop the strength to reshape their dreams.